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Crystals by Preciosa black

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Preciosa ® 2023 mesmera collection:
Where magic happens

The latest addition to Preciosa’s portfolio of eco-friendly glass colors is anything but ordinary. Born from recycled magnetic car parts and a decades-long friendship between two career chemists, Mesmera is the sublime amalgamation of serendipity and science.
Květa Sázavová, Preciosa’s leading color expert, has known Václav Gruber for thirty-five years. So, it came as no surprise to her when Václav, a researcher in the Department of Environmental Engineering at the prestigious Czech Academy of Sciences, reached out one afternoon to inform his friend that he and his team had found something he thought she might find interesting

Generally regarded to have one of the most complex spectra of the chemical elements, neodymium is a rare-earth metal well known to chemists and glassmakers alike for its metameric properties, that is, its ability to cause glass to change color under different light sources. “The development process in the case of Mesmera was exactly the reverse of our typical approach,”
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History of Crystal Valley

Founded upon the ideals of quality, durability and innovation, Preciosa ® has for nearly five Centuries achieved new breakthorughs and introduced the world over to the truly captivating and timeless quality of authentically crafted Bohemian crystals and fine jewelry. Preciosa ® 's glass making heritage can be traced back to the 16th century when in 1548 the first glass Kiln was ignited deep within the heart of scenic, mountainous region of Northern Bohemia known affectionately today as Crystal Valley.

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