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Taylor Plaja

Open Bodybuilder

Been an athlete all my life, have been MVP in every sport I played (soccer, basketball, football, Track) Won athlete of the year in high-school and have my plaque n picture on the school wall.
Started competing in 2017 in bodybuilding and fell In love with the fitness industry and that’s where I found my niche in bringing my Knowledge/skills in Sport Muscle Therapy & Coaching and promote it within the Fitness industry.

Garret Cyrus

Men's Physique

Hello My name is Garret

Tatyana Sylla

Figure Competitor

Was an athlete growing up, did competitive figure skating, rugby for 5 years, wrestling for 2 years.

Started working out when I was 16, fell in love with the gym.I worked at Goodlife Fitness prior to my current job.

I am more than happy to help you hit your goals, dm me with your questions!

Nick Augustine


Hello My name is Nick

Meredith Parry


My name is Meredith; I also go by legendary Parry on Instagram! I am a university student,
fitness coach and trainer.
I have been competing in the bikini division for five years. Growing up, I was a competitive
dancer; I had to practice nearly every single day.



Hello , My name is Pasha

Elecia Morris

Bikini /Wellness

I’m an easy person to talk to because I listen and give advice based my personal experience and the research I’ve done. I’m fascinated by human relationships and why people do things.

Adolphus Quoida

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Hello My name is Adolphus

Adrienne Na

Bikini Competitor

Hello, my name is Adrienne

Jeffry Chan


Hello my name is Jeffry

Darin Cooper

Men's Physique

I have been involved in fitness and sports my entire life. It is now that I turned 50, I decided to enter my first bodybuilding competition. Fitness is a passion of mine and is a passion to help all, especially other women and men in my age group.

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