Learn more about the Authentic Bohemian Crystals used on all ladies apparel

History of Preciosa

Founded upon the ideals of
quality, durability and innovation,

Preciosa has for nearly five centuries
achieved new technological breakthroughs
and introduced the world over to the truly captivating and timeless quality of authentically crafted Bohemian crystal and fine jewelry stones. Preciosa’s glassmaking heritage can be traced back to the 16th century when in 1548 the first glass kiln was ignited deep within the heart of a scenic, mountainous region of Northern Bohemia known affectionately today as Crystal Valley.

Preciosa 2020: Metamorphosis Collection

Constrantly Pushing the Envelope of what is possible. A Global leader in luxury goods manufactured from crystals, the Preciosa Group is Built upon Centuries of Glassmaking tradition and Innovation. From Hand-made lamp beads to their cutting-edge, despoke lighting inistallations, Preciosa looks to their unique Heritage to draw Inspiration for the Future of Premium, resposibly crafted Bohemian crystals.

Preciosa Design

Rise above the competition by knowing your designs contain authentic bohemian Crystals and/ or Fine jewelry stone. The seals provided to our Ingridient Branding Partners serve as a certificate of authenticity and assurance of the Quality of any design containing Preciosa Crystals.

preciosa certificate