Crystals by Preciosa black

Learn more about the Authentic Bohemian Crystals used on all ladies apparel

Preciosa ® 2021 collection:
Flying colors

For five centuries, Preciosa ® has been seamlessly blending ancient tradition with the most innovative new technologies to create crystals and fine jewelry stones. You can now see their latest colour palette of crystals in this campaign. Enjoy this spectrum of colours loosely inspired by Monet's garden.

History of Crystal Valley

Founded upon the ideals of quality, durability and innovation, Preciosa ® has for nearly five Centuries achieved new breakthorughs and introduced the world over to the truly captivating and timeless quality of authentically crafted Bohemian crystals and fine jewelry. Preciosa ® 's glass making heritage can be traced back to the 16th century when in 1548 the first glass Kiln was ignited deep within the heart of scenic, mountainous region of Northern Bohemia known affectionately today as Crystal Valley.