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Meet The Team Athletes

Learn more about Each Sponsored Athlete.


Taylor Plaja

Open Bodybuilder

Started competing in 2017 in bodybuilding and fell In love with the fitness industry and that’s where I found my niche in bringing my Knowledge/skills in Sport Muscle Therapy & Coaching and promote it within the Fitness industry.


Leroy Rollins

Natural bodybuilding

Hello My name is Leroy..


Gregory Dawson

IFBB Pro Classic Physique

learn more about this athlete

coming soon.. ;)


Tana McGowan

IFBB Pro Ladies Bodybuilder

Hello My name is Tana..

more information to come

image4 (1).jpeg

Meredith Parry


My name is Meredith; I also go by legendary Parry on Instagram! I am a university student,
fitness coach and trainer..

image1 (6).jpeg

Mindy Muylaert

IFBB Pro Figure

Hello , My name is Mindy

image2 (4).jpeg

Kristin Broadwell

IFBB Pro Wellness

Hello ,my name is Kristin..

image2 (5).jpeg

Maria Carson

IFBB Pro Ladies Physique

Hello My name is maria :)


Teresa Rego

IFBB Pro Ladies Physique

Hello, my name is Teresa..
more information to come


Pasha Stroikov

Open Bodybuilding

Hello my name is Pasha..

more information to come


Jason Findlayter

IFBB Pro Classic Physique

Hello, my name is jason..

more information to come :)


Marley Acosta

Natural Bodybuilding

Hello, my name is Marley..

more information to come :)

image0 (12).jpeg

Lauren Estes-Bailey

IFBB Pro Natural Fitness

Hello my name is Lauren..

more information to come

image2 (6).jpeg

Nicole Fresco-Neto

Open Wellness

Hello my name is Nicole..

more information to come

image1 (7).jpeg

Velbett Morales

Natural Bikini

Hello my name is Velbet..

more information to come

image3 (1).jpeg

Esther Whitley-Smith

Natural Wellness

Hello my name is Esther..

more information to come


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image0 (11).jpeg

Rachel Rosenberg

Wellness competitor

Hello my name is Rachel..


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