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Leroy Rollins

WNBF and OCB Pro Bodybuilder

Residency: Odessa , Canada
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language Spoken: English
Career: Transformation Coach

Fun Facts

Is there any food you would say you’re addicted to?
No major cravings.. but i do love chocolate chip cookies and brownies lol

Is there any foods you hate?

Not a picky eater.

Are you a Natural Athlete?
I am a Natural Athlete.

If you could be known as 1 thing: what would you like to be known for?
A strong representation of Canadian natural bodybuilding.
I've competed in Canada, USA and Spain.

What are 5 topic you know a lot about..
1. Bodybuilding
2. Nintendo
3. Biomechanics
4. Trading cards / collectibles
5. Social media marketing

What is your career goal?

Top Natural bodybuilding coach in Canada. Represent the sport in a positive light through competition myself, coaching, and Natty News Daily media coverage.

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