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How can I track my order?

Krystle Creations uses Canada Post for all of its packages. Upon payment, you will be issued a unique tracking number.


Where are you located? Can I make an appointment properly?

Krystle creations is located in Toronto, Canada. All 1-to-1 fittings are completed at the Studio Store in Toronto or through a virtual assembly call. If you and a friend are training together, record the trip to Scarborough and request an OUTBOUND fitting where I will personally travel to your location.


What is a virtual montage?

A virtual montage is a video call using one of the following applications;
-WhatsApp, IG Messenger, Skype, FB Messenger, Facetime.All you need is a scheduled adjustment date, and a band meter.
I'm always happy to book an adjustment in your time zone to ensure a perfect fit on stage.


I am on a budget and cannot afford crystals, what can I choose?

Competition can be an expensive sport, but you don't have to break the bank to look fabulous. There are many brand newaffordable premade competition costumesavailable. Choosing a hologram fabric is also a strong alternative to have the shimmer on stage. This fabric is very reflective and gives you a nice effect. If you absolutely love a design, installment payments are also an option. Contact customer service for payment failures.


What are your delivery options?

Krystle Creation uses Canada Post. Standard shipping to Canada is 3-5 business days for jewelry and out of the Premade Suits rack. 3-5 weeks wait for custom costumes depending on how much embellishment is added to your costume. The Greater Toronto Area Local can receive their wetsuits within 1-3 weeks if picked up at the local studio. Express shipping is available during checkout of your cart at an additional cost. For special requirements, or rush order .please contact me at your earliest convenience.


How to return an item?

All custom suits come with a one-year warranty on your point, connectors, and spare crystals (if needed). Anyone in the GTA can make an appointment and the suit will be repaired as needed the same day. For all items shipped, the request must be submitted with photos for approval. Once approved, a return label will be emailed to you prior to receiving a partial or full refund. Spare crystals are costumed accordingly. Any broken connector will be brought back to you.
Your satisfaction is important. If time is allowed, a new combination will be mailed at no additional cost.

“Off the rack” Premade Suits on CLEARANCE are strictly final sale due to hygiene restrictions.

Regular premade costumes must have an original receipt, unworn and with original tags without signs of tampering. Returned within 7 days of purchase.


This is my first bodybuilding competition, How do I measure myself?

The first show is always a little nervous. If you are more than 10 lbs from your target step weight, talk to your trainer for a rough estimate of your measurements.
1 inch too big or too small can make a big difference to the comfort of your costume .. I want you to feel proud on stage so that you can show your great achievement. If you don't have a trainer. no fuss, I can guide you! You can use the chatroom tab to talk to me right away, or you can also book a 1-on-1 fitting. The adjustment can be done in person or as a virtual edit.

** Rule of thumb: each 5lbs is approximately 1 inch. **


Do you provide international delivery?

At present, Krystle Creations only ships to Canada and the United States. More options to come in the near future.


How fast should I order my costume?

Premade “Out of the Rack” suits can be ordered 1 (one) week in advance to ensure timely delivery if shipped. For gta dwellers, booking a studio fit is your best option especially if you need a costume ASAP. All pre-made costumes come with an add-on modification.


Do you use rhinestones on your swimwear?

No, all female swimwear is adorned with glass crystals from Preciosa components. Rhinestones look beautiful in natural light but very dull on stage. Rhinestones are an acrylic compound that absorbs light. Preciosa crystals reflect bright stage lights due to its glass base to give you the most spectacular glow.