The Preciosa brand name was first registered in Bohemia in 1915. We supply sparkling crystal components in an infinite array of colours, shapes and sizes to all parts of the world. Jewellers use cut crystal stones and beads in jewellery. Designers use them to decorate clothing and fashion accessories.

The word “crystal” comes from ancient Greek and means “ice”, which is characterized by purity, transparency and lack of colour. When man first discovered the natural colourless, pure and transparent mineral made of mono-crystals of silica (quartz), it was so reminiscent of ice, that he named it after it. This pristine, sought-after mineral later became known as rock crystal or clear quartz.

We cut and polish synthetic gemstones with geometric precision to make them indistinguishable from true gems. Our cubic zirconia, nanogems and synthetic corund are pristine and are essential elements in any fine jeweller’s arsenal. We bring the dream of the perfect diamond substitute to life.


In 1548 in Mšeno, a small town nestled in the majestic Crystal Valley, the Wander family settles and founds the first glassworks in the region. Their kilns and workshops are soon to become the leading glassworks in the Kingdom of Bohemia.

Soon afterwards, Jablonec, a nearby settlement that has been ravaged by war and become a ghost town for decades, comes alive once again. Settlers from the Jizera Mountains begin to pursue a new craft – glassmaking – and begin to pass it down from father to son, from generation to generation.

The skills of the Bohemian craftsmen come into their own with the magnificence and splendour of the first ornamental goblet and decorative glass which are soon to amaze all of Europe. When the first glass engraver establishes himself in the Crystal Valley in 1610, the foundation of the tradition of Czech glassmaking is laid. To this day we continue to stand firmly and proudly build on this very foundation.


Our No Hotfix MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA stones have a highly resistant multilayer satin foiling that protects against damage and intensifies their brilliance. Our No Hotfix Stones can be easily fixed with recommended one- or two-component glues on various types of surfaces.

Preciosa products that carry our Lead-Free Brilliance symbol contain less than 0.009 % lead (<90 ppm) and are made according to the highest environmental and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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