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🌟 1- on- 1 video call fitting and free fabric samples shipped:Samples will be shipped standard to your mailing address. Upto 8 different fabrics and suggested crystals for the ultimate stage look. A free tape measurer will be included for the video call fitting.


🌟1 custom competition suit OF YOUR CHOICE,AND CATEGORY,

Made to your body measurements for the perfect fit. This suit include your choice of connectors and crystals pattern within $1,000 value in crystals. Shine like a PRO


🌟1 year suit warranty

Life happens. If your crystals fall off after the first wash or a connector breaks, don’t sweat it! You’re covered. You’ll get a pack of backup crystals and damaged connectors will be replaced at no cost. If your straps look warm out, those will be replaced too. Valued upto $200 in repairs


🌟4 pc Jewelry set

1 ring, 2 bracelet and 1 earring set of your choice included within the $200 value to a great bundle that will bring the little extra touch to your outfit. YOUR CHOICE of style and colour.


🌟Crystal glam Heels

Yes, you do have to wear heels but no, your feet don’t have to be in extreme pain. 1 pair of krystle Creations cushion padded heels included with this bundle. These heels were specially designed for competitor in mind. Built in Memory foam, and Vegan Friendly.


🌟 Branded Black Satin Robe

Wear the brand proud and walk like a Pro. This black satin robe has Gold accent trimming for good luck. Your name in crystals on the chest will add a little extra personal touch to the completed look


🌟 Practise Posing suit OF YOUR CHOICE

No matter what category you’re in, you will be required to pose on stage and/do a routine. The saying is “practise makes perfect” , we say “practise makes consistent “. Makes sure you’re progressing and posing is consistent. This makes it easier to see if you’re truly going to reach your goals


🌟Free Expedited shipping

Live too far for pickup or just don’t have the time ? It’s all good, expedited shipping with a tracking number guarantee your suit will arrive on time.


🌟limited edition gift

Consider this as a little extra thank you gift for choosing us to be part of your competition journey.

Ladies Premium Bundle

SKU: 214
1.800,00C$ 일반가
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