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Trio Blend of 3 crystals in size ss20. Mildly spaced out for a Semi Pro Look without the High Pro cost. Mild Ombre appearance with Dark Amethyst crystals on the outer cups to cast a shadow. The shadow help give the breast a rounder and fuller look on stage. Standard 2row silver connectors.

-pushup underwire Cup
-Fabric tie straps at the top and back
-Bikini Glute Scrunch for a snug fit
-black interior lining for added suit longevity and cleanliness

CUP: C36 or D34
Waist: 26-28
Bottoms: S/M

Lavender Semi Pro Trio

وحدة SKU: 170
775.00C$ سعر عادي
620.00C$سعر البيع
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