Taylor Plaja


Residency: Toronto, Canada

Ethnicity: Latino (Guatemala)

Language Spoken: English and Spanish

Career: muscle therapist and online coach

Fun Facts

Is there any food you would say you’re addicted to?

- SWEETS (choc, pastries) 

Is there  any foods you hate?

-Don’t hate any unless it’s like pigs ears/blood stuff like that lol

Are you a Natural Athlete? 

Do you have a website?

  • instagram

Do you have any Special skills or have a unique quirky ability?
 I don’t know what’s considered a special skill lol I’m pretty good at most things I do 🤷🏻‍♂️ LoL idk ummm I’m a good Cook and 2degree black belt in Taekwondo  

Do you have any fears? 
Getting stuck in the ocean or deep waters, snakes, and FOMO (fear of missing out)
lol I’m always down to do stuff

What is your career goal?
Be The go to Muscle Therapist in the Industry and perhaps own a clinic one day 

Do you Have Any Current Sponsor:
Krystle Creations 
- HD Muscle
- Livingfit Foods
-Heavy D Apparel

Tell your Audience a little more about yourself:

Been an athlete all my life, have been MVP in every sport I played (soccer, basketball, football, Track) Won athlete of the year in high-school and have my plaque n picture on the school wall. Was a Canadian black belt champion Fighter in Taekwondo.
Graduated from York University Bachelor of Sc. In Kinesiology with Honours and Athletic Therapy Certificate.
Started competing in 2017 in bodybuilding and fell In love with the fitness industry and that’s where I found my niche in bringing my Knowledge/skills in Sport Muscle Therapy & Coaching and promote it within the Fitness industry.  



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-Arnold Classic ,Ohio : March 5-8 2020

-Cobourg Natural : April 18 2020
-Grimes Classic, Kitcherner : April 25 2020

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