Sheyne Blandford

Bikini Competitor

Residency: Ottawa, Canada
Ethnicity: N/A
Language Spoken: English
Career: Personal Trainer at Goodlife Fitness Queen St. Ottawa

Fun Facts

Is there any food you would say you’re addicted to?
-Monday to Saturday: Peanut butter and protein powder; I am basically Martha Stewart when it comes to cooking/baking with protein powder. I AM BODY BY PROTEIN PANCAKES OH!

and I love hot sauce and hummus; I put that shit on EVERYTHING

Is there any foods you hate?

-Honestly none. I'm always hungry ;)

Are you a Natural Athlete?
yes I am 1000% natural.

Do you have any Special skills or have a unique quirky ability?
Uhm, I dont think so..?
Qualification wise I am a personal trainer, a bikini competitor (duh)and a weightlifting coach.

secretly I love to sing, I don't do it outside of the shower or my car anymore; unless my mom asks me to sing for her LOL. And I used to play the piano, the guitar and the flute. And you could say I am a really good dancer… but like “at the club” dancer LMAO not the elegant, graceful type if you know what im saying ;)

What is your career goal?
Currently I am a personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness and I plan to give them 5 years of my life. My goal is to take as many courses and earn as many certifications as I possibly can while I am there, I also plan on moving up to management; I think Goodlife has the potential to be the best place for personal training, it just doesn't have the right leaders. So I would like to try to change that!

After my 5 years at Goodlife I have two different ideas of where i'd like to go; I either want to go back to school for broadcasting and get into TV OR I would love to teach at a college level; I want to teach other personal trainers!

Do you Have Any Current Sponsor:
- Krystle Creations

Tell your Audience a little more about yourself:
Hi! My name is Sheyne; yes I REALLY am always hungry. I am a natural CPA bikini competitor, a weight lifter and a personal trainer. I got into working out when I was 13 and into competing when I was 16; admittedly for all the wrong reasons. But I do not regret how it all started because I honestly don’t know who i would be without it and the lifestyle that came with it.

It has been 6 years since my first show and I have grown so much both as a competitor and a person. I learn something new about myself and what I am capable of every time I step on stage; that is why I compete. I am 100% addicted to self discovery and mastery;body mind and soul. I also happen to LOVE being the center of attention.. so the bright lights, sparkly bikinis and spray tans are my cherry on top ;)

The first 2 years after my first show my mental health went to a very bad place. Since then my whole life has become about discovering TRUE self love and body acceptance; not just for myself! And that's why I became a personal trainer. I just want everyone to know what it feels like to genuinely just think they are HOT AF!

I want everyone to feel loved and accepted in their skin, exactly the way they are; as outrageously loud as possible of course!!
I give people permission to be vain, selfish and obnoxious.
I give people permission to take pictures, take ALL of the pictures, and to walk a little slower past store windows and bathroom mirrors.

You gotta do you and LOVE you baby cause no one can do YOU better and that's your superpower!!