Samantha Strand

Residency: Toronto, Canada


Language Spoken: English

Career: Lead Female prep Coach at Team Strand Strong

Fun Facts

Is there any food you would say you’re addicted to?

-Chocolate covered almonds and almond butter!!

Which foods do you crave the most During Prep?
-Any type of spread! I incorporate it into my daily diet!

Are you a Natural Athlete? 

I am not a natural athlete

Do you have a website?

  • team Strand Strong
  • Gym Buzz Radio
  • @slaysfit

Do you have any Special skills or have a unique quirky ability?
Very musically inclined! Grew up playing guitar, piano, flute and singing!

What is your career goal?

I hope to continue growing my business with hubby Robin Strand "Team Strand Strong.". The goal is to have a solid team of competitive athlete show thrive in the world of bodybuilding

Do you Have Any Current Sponsor:
Suit:   @krystle_creations


Tell your Audience a little more about yourself:

Hey lovely people! I started this bodybuilding journey as a figure girl with big dreams back in 2015. I always knew I wanted to grow and in 2017 I competed in my first Woman’s physique competition! I love being muscular and still being feminine! Bodybuilding has brought me so many oppourtunities that I am so grateful for. I also have met amazing people who have impacted my life in such a positive way.

I graduated in 2016 with a BSc. in Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and worked as a microbiologist for a bit. However, it was not my passion. After joining a gym and falling in love with exercise I knew that this was something that I would have a purpose in and would be able to share this passion with others.

When I’m not in the gym or meal prepping I am hanging out with my family and friends or playing with my three beautiful Chihuahuas! I love the summertime and walking outside hen it is sunny. I love being at the cottage and going to a swim in the lake. I love BBQ foods, especially when my hubby makes it for me! I love music and relaxing after a long day. I also love a good thunderstorm and seeing a rainbow!

A piece of advice I would give is; never lose confidence in YOU. You CAN do it and you will, you just have to believe.


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-Arnold Classic ,Ohio : March 5-8 2020

-Cobourg Natural : April 18 2020
-Grimes Classic, Kitcherner : April 25 2020

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