10 Famous Design with Preciosa

Every women loves to feel glamorous and steal the spotlight on stage. Preciosa Component crystals offer a variety of colours , shaped and sizes to fulfill even your most dramatically creative dreams. Here are 10 beautiful outfits and dresses you may not have known were garnished with Preciosa Component Brilliance. 10. KYLIE MINOGUE : GOLDEN TOUR One hundred and twenty thousand crystals adorn the golden dress Kylie Minogue put on for her Golden album tour. The dress harmonizes perfectly with the album’s and tour’s name as a result of choosing the Crystal Aurum colour of Preciosa crystal. The Preciosa Chaton Roses which the London designers from the Kolchagov Barba Studio Designers used to embellish the dress reflect hundreds of rays of light and envelope Kylie in an aura of golden sunshine. A team of ten couturiers applied the crystals to the dress by hand in the studio. “We wanted the tour and Kylie herself to be the inspiration behind the dress; something striking, iconic, vibrant, golden, and yet elegant," says studio founder Emilio Barba . To close out the show Kylie wears an ultra short green playsuit embroidered with 80,000 Maxima chaton roses, the most stunningly sparkling crystal stones in the world. Tour dates: Sep 18, 2018 – Mar 17, 2019 .


9. Gwen Stefani :

"Just a girl" 2019 Vegas tour

Gwen has rocked several concert outfits using a variety of Preciosa crystals. Her most recent venture will be on the "Just a Girl" show in Las Vegas, set to run until March 2019. In addition to her vocal hits, she also showcases a number of extravagant fashion designs. Those created by The Blonds glitter with Preciosa crystal. Fashion is extremely important to Stefani, who has her own clothing brand. " Fashion is art, and I very much like using it to reveal a bit of myself to the world", she added.

#YousefAljasmi crystal fringe dress.2017 Macy's Thanksgiving Day

8. BEYONCE : Run II Tour

On the Run || Tour : Beyonce

Another diva, who dazzles on stage with Bohemian crystal, is Beyoncé. During her On the Run II Tour she performed in a spectacular dress from the French fashion house of Balmain. Its dark green color was highlighted by Preciosa Emerald Chaton Roses. Beyoncé unveiled the dress, decked out with a standing collar and large floral appliqué, in New Orleans. Beyoncé’s tours distinguish themselves with fashion fans because the singer dresses in different designs for each concert.



Alfredo Barraza was on full display at the Miss Colombia 2018 beauty pageant. He designed incredible pieces for three of the finalists. Laura Olascagua of the Bolivar region of the country was placed first runner-up, and Maria Clara Ramirez 6th runner-up, meaning incredibly that two of Alfredo’s dresses ended up in the top ten.

Designer Alfredo Barraza

Alfredo Barraza is no stranger to the beauty pageant scene. This veteran dressmaker has been creating personalized outfits for all manner of glamorous occasion for more than 20 years. From an interview with Preciosa , Alfredo stated he has dressed over 335 Columbian Queens and from other countries, approximately 30 queens. The first time {he} used crystal was in 1995. {he} was instantly hooked.


Ariana Grande is known for the statement fashion choices, amazing vocals and entrepreneurship but did you know many of her costumes on stage carry Preciosa Crystals? Ariana Grande was photographed on Nov. 10, 2018 at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles. Styling by Law Roach. Grande wears an @Area short sleeve blazer dress covered in #preciosacrystals. This photo is from the Billboard's Woman of the Year cover shoot.


Yup, that's right.. Miss JLo has also worn Preciosa. She was recently seem performing at the November 17 2017 : Autism Rocks Arena in Dubai. Sporting a blinged out ball cap,and over-sized leather jacket with a mix of sewed on preciosa crystals and flatback components. This outfit was match with a white leotard with a free flying liberty bald eagle. design outfit created by designer The Blonds


Speaking about designer duo "the blonds" This beautiful champagne dress is decorated with AB crystals, white pearls, champagne rose pearls and crystals flatback mesh and much more .. all from Preciosa Elements.


Nicki Minaj a.k.a Barbie made per cosmopolitan magazine debut in August 2015 issue as the magazine celebrated Women's month. Nicki that year won several Grammy awards, and was the highest paid female rapper. The Cosmo. described Nicki as “uncensored, unapologetic and unbelievable”. Let's just say that her photoshoot outfits truly captured the identity of this diva.


Photo from: Prestige Magazine Aug.2015

Who can forget this photo?! Yup, Designer Duo also put their Brilliant hands on this Mini bustier Dress. Kim Kardashian had over 10,000 crystals, Studs, and sequins on her. A blend of Crystal, Champagne, Gold, and Jet black flatbacks. Prestige celebrated their 5th Anniversary September 2010. Kim looks stunning as always.


Last but certainly not least, let's talk about the 2019 Spring collection inspired by Disney Villains. By now: it shouldn't come as a surprise that designer The Bolds Strike again. A variety of Preciosa Sew-on , crystal mesh, flatback,pearls and much more were used in these fantastic fantasy creations. Don't be surprise is you see Disney for Adults this upcoming Spring. co- founded by designer Phillipe Blond and creative director David Blond said to an interview with Disney Styles: "The Disney Villains style is iconic and has inspired us since childhood and throughout our career. The opportunity to collaborate with Disney and see these designs come to life on THE BLONDS runway is an absolute dream come true. "

https://style.disney.com/fashion/2018/09/08/disney-villains-the-blonds-new-york-fashion-week/#slider_11 In conclusion.. if you are looking to look glamorous on stage , or just treat life as a runway you can never go wrong with Preciosa.



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