Lauren Dickenson

Residency: Toronto, Canada


Language Spoken: English

Career: Public Service Agent

Fun Facts

Is there any food you would say you’re addicted to?

-I LOVE dried mangos. 

Off season I crave chocolate and try and limit that to 1-2x per week.

I also love Beechwood Donuts (a vegan donut shop in st Catharines) – probably once a month.

Is there any food you absolutely hate?
- I don't hate it, but refuse to eat meat. I'm a vegetarian but during prep I'm a full vegan.

Are you a Natural Athlete? 

I am a natural athlete

Do you have a website?

  • instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Do you have any Special skills or have a unique quirky ability?
I am skilled in handling heavy weaponry / firearms

What is your career goal?
Ive been in my career for 9 years already but have aspirations to eventually move into the intelligence department/ counter terrorism.

Do you Have Any Current Sponsor:
- Krystle Creations
-Sweet Peach Apparel

Tell your Audience a little more about yourself:

I am a fun, outgoing and spiritual person. I was a varsity athlete in university and that love for health and fitness has now become a huge part of my life in the body building world. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that you get out of life 100% of what you put into it. 

I have a 5 year old Australian Shepherd named Lucy who keeps me active and busy. 

I have always worked in the field of law enforcement; I generally enjoy it and always feel it is rewarding. I have been in my career for nearly 10 years and am currently on a Tactical Response Unit as an armed officer. 

I teach yoga at a studio and mma gym in Toronto and am passionate about bringing yoga to young athletes/ professional athletes and the likes.

I am an entrepreneur and have my hands in a little bit of everything in order to be financially free and for pure enjoyment..

I love to travel, meditate, try new sports and activities when possible.

I live on a plant based diet and love exploring the plant based culinary scene where I live and where I travel.



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-Arnold Classic ,Ohio : March 5-8 2020

-Cobourg Natural : April 18 2020
-Grimes Classic, Kitcherner : April 25 2020

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