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Meredith Parry

Bikini Competitor

Residency: Niagara, Canada
Ethnicity: N/A
Language Spoken: English
Career: Student and Personal Trainer

Fun Facts

Is there any food you would say you’re addicted to?

-Peanut Butter is my weakness !

Is there any foods you hate?

-No, Food is Good

Are you a Natural or Open Athlete?


Do you have any Special skills or have a unique quirky ability?

-MMA and Wrestling. Every Saturday is fight night
-I can do all three Splits
-I can dance in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hiphop, Aceo Contemporary and more..

What is your career goal?

-Fitness Business Owner

I have a baby business currently, just a few clients and I love it. I am graduating from my degree in Kinesiology very soon! I have been accepted to go to school for Exercise Science and Exercise Prescription in September! I am so excited.

Do you Have Any Current Sponsor:

- Krystle Creations
-Magnum Nutraceuticals

Tell your Audience a little more about yourself:

My name is Meredith; I also go by legendary Parry on Instagram! I am a university student, fitness coach and trainer.

I have been competing in the bikini division for five years. Growing up, I was a competitive dancer; I had to practice nearly every single day. When I was about 17, I experienced burn-out and dance no longer felt as fun as it once did. I discovered the gym and competing, and the rest is history. I love the lifestyle, community and opportunities competing has brought me. It pushes me to work hard every single day to become my best self. Competing is so exhilarating; I genuinely love this sport.

Fitness and nutrition are my passions. I have a degree in Kinesiology (May 2021), and I am pursuing further education in exercise science. I love being a Fitness Coach and Personal trainer because I get to help others reach their potential.

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