Elecia Morris

Bikini / Wellness Athlete

Residency: Toronto, Canada
Ethnicity: Jamaican
Language Spoken: English
Career: Independent Health Coach, healthcare worker

Fun Facts

Is there any food you would say you’re addicted to?

-Candies, Baked goods

Which foods do you crave the most During Prep?
-Cake and pasta. Every week when I’m not cutting
Are you a Natural Athlete?
-Yes :)
Do you have a website?

What is your career goal?
-My career goal to be like a Nichelle Laus. Do a lot of public speaking (TV, magazine, online) to my niche on how to integrate fitness into their lives/ challenges, etc, Put out valuable content regularly, own a private gym, have a women’s fitness clothing brand, and do it all while raising a family.

Do you Have Any Current Sponsor:
Suit: @krystle_creations
Health : @popeyes_yorkdale

Tell your Audience a little more about yourself:
I’m an easy person to talk to because I listen and give advice based my personal experience and the research I’ve done. I’m fascinated by human relationships and why people do things.

People tend to gravitate toward me because of my positive energy and inviting spirit, they open up. I enjoy a lot of alone time whether is going out, trying something new or travelling. It’s all a part of my personal development. I’m fun and social when I want to be and I compete with the previous version of myself on an on-going basis.

Fitness became a big part of my life when I left an abusive relationship of 2.5 years, within the same week lost my job of 4.5 years and all I had was my membership and the desire to love myself and put my needs first for once. I made it a routine because I needed to love what I saw in the mirror (That 71LB girl wasn’t cutting it). Since then I’ve been obsessed with personal development in all areas, and I’ve been able to help others make that shift as well.

I compete because it holds me accountable and keeps me on track with my nutrition and workouts. It has instilled a lot of discipline in me that I also use in other areas of my life. I’m the type that needs deadlines and purpose to complete something. I really like the sport because that end result when we shed fat for show day, I get to see all the muscle I’ve built so I can make changes